Murat started his music career as a drummer in high school. After taking part in the decades popular “heavy sounding” bands he decided to join “Eskici” who played 70’s Turkish Rock Music. That decision leaded him to work with a living legend “Erkin Koray” for 4 years. He also formed a band “Arwen” in which he could test his vocal talents as a lead singer and played respectable venues such as “Hayal Kahvesi”. While many people thought that it was as good as it gets, he decided to move to London and expand his musical perspective. He graduated from “Tech Music Schools London” while playing with various bands for 4 years. He decided to return to Istanbul in 2011 and teamed up with Can to establish MusicWorks
Can started his music career in 1990 with the band “Odesia”. His other bands include, “Company”, “Underwear”, “Spitney Beers”, “Repertuar Köpekleri”, “Garaj”, “Arwen”, “Soda Pop” and “Sahte Rakı”. He also worked with established Turkish artists and bands such as “Kesme Şeker”, “Feridun Düzağaç”, “Aylin Aslım”, “Vega”, “Tolga Burkay” and “Zeynep Casalini”. He has also the arranged more than 10 albums and composed songs which are performed by respectable Turkish artists such as “Zeynep Casalini” and “Tolga Burkay”